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We have worked on projects across borders

We have also participated internationally

  • Spain

  • Switzerland

  • Miami

  • Germany

  • England

  • Singapore

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"Weaving - Disappearing dialogues is at the heart of today's major turmoils, crazes and doubts. It is about recapturing the so fragile links between cultures of all kinds that have shaped us into who we are today. Globalisation and a tendency toward building vast and powerful political bodies tend to edge out or even squash millions of tiny patches of brilliant achievements, minimal jewels of mankind's creativity. Rare twinkling stars. We know that all civilisations are doomed to, one night, disappear. What is too precious to fall into oblivion are the bridges, the dialogues between those many cultures, a conversation that confirms that we are still alive, evolving together, amazing one another and well. Dialogues stir the in-between, the creativeness of relation, the surprises of new topics
and actors emerging from the transforming chaos. Dd collects and recollects topics and actors'deeds, emotions and works through an
indefinite chat on art, culture, politics or science. All humans are poets, philosophers, activists, scientists, all contribute to designing the world, to shaping it into what it becomes. The dialogues reinvented by Dd are no abstract speculations; they are a concrete exchange of experience, of sleight of hand, of workshops habits, of visions. They depend on trains, buses, exhibitions, discoveries and hospitality. Disappearing dialogues involve ordinary as well as exceptional artists, crafts persons, curators,
politicians in the process of re-enchanting the world on the dire straight of a conversation between cultures. We used to meet Disappearing dialogues on the art scene. Now we discover it on the environmental resistance. Like a painting hanging, a shared concern, a sharp issue can trigger a dialogue on the potential of action, the shame of a situation,
the joy emerging from a sudden cooperation between scientists, farmers, artists or shepherds. The more one approaches the tiny thread of the dialogue, the more one realises that it holds, it won't break: it is precious,
tenuous and strong. If there is any hope to escape a total disappearance, it is through such an attitude towards the transforming world: a global workshop that includes curiosity, pleasure, elegance, hope and a sense of responsibility that weave matters, humans, techniques, imagination, words, projects or more on the entangled threads left by humanity till now. Dd's contribution is to weave today's colourful fabric."


Marc Hatzfeld, November 2019

He is a social anthropologist, writer and lecturer based in Paris. He works (both as a researcher and a consultant ) on subjects such as homelessness, juvenile delinquency, immigration, suburban life and respect. His recent books include Petit Traité de la banlieue, Les Dézingués, La culture des cités, Petites Fabriques de la démocratie and Poetics of the Land.

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