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Nobina Gupta

A visual artist whose bases of collaboration were Maihar, Ichol, Tola, Galehi Tola, Chandua Tola, and the neighbouring villages and architectural spaces in Madhai, Bharhut, Maihar, Govindgarh, Rewa, Panna, and Khajuraho, collaborated several local children and locals from Ichol to create a series of interactive artworks. These interactive artworks were in the form of archival scrolls, scroll paintings, and a peephole bioscope with a video installation titled Dharohar. It portrayed the remnants of the vibrant and rich cultural history of the region. She also conducted several workshops with the local children – Walk Back to Your Roots, on story illustrations, as well as Dreams and Aspirations, where she motivated children to address their life goals on fabricated paper pulp kandas.

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