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Over the years I have noticed drastic changes in the Himalayas, undeniably real and potentially destructive. I have helplessly witnessed this transformation, silently killing the rich relationship that man shares with nature.
The rich biodiversity of ‘nature’s own bio-reserve’ is approaching a critical state. The commonly found medicinal and aromatic plants are becoming exceedingly rare. Lifestyles are getting impacted. Change is a natural phenomenon but the rate at which it is accelerated is making it extremely difficult for us to react, monitor and evaluate it appropriately.
It is time to see the little inside the great or the great inside the little. Time to sight the reality inside the illusion and the illusion inside the reality. It is time to engage people. Merge visualization and knowledge. Help inspire and embrace life with all its intricacies. Exploring the tension between real and unreal. Material and immaterial. Form and formless. Definite and indefinite. Being and non-being. Organic and synthetic. Visual and virtual these are whispering tracks of disappearing act. 

Finding a relation to the constantly changing factors and questioning the belief and stability of the material universe. These works portray a creative research of my observations and understanding of the forces of nature, both physically and psychological. 

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