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Many facets of our life and environment are at the edge of an undeniable crisis, whispering slowly, begging us to take a look at them before they dissolve into nothingness.

What is it that knocks on the doors of extinction? What is it that will never be seen or heard of again? Are we shying away from truth? Are we denying the crisis of their existence?

 I guess we are. Perhaps it is our ignorance that is making us blind. Taking us away from our own future. The looming threat of an existential crisis. 

Change as we gladly accept is a natural phenomenon but the rate at which it is accelerated is making it extremely difficult for us to react, monitor and evaluate it appropriately. The indiscriminate growth and uncompromising development drive to globalization and human population is taking a toll hastily making a lot within the organic world extinct. We stand at a ‘critical point of inflexion’ where so much is under threat. Highly valuable biodiversity is being lost at a great rate, and extinction of species is the most serious aspect of this loss.

Extinction has been going on since prehistoric times, but at present human activities is pushing the earth into its sixth mass extinction. It is the paradox of Anthropogenic era. We are rapidly moving ahead but in a wrong direction. Perhaps it is the height of narcissism of we humans that we have named this era Anthropogenic.
The question is are we ready for this suicidal act? Or would we be proactive to prevent this…

‘Villupt’ is a series of work which raising questions about the ongoing paradigms of development and sustainability, it sensitizes modern man to experience his psychic dichotomy, albeit in an alluring way. An allegorical representation of existence as Fossils, which are the creation of natural molds or imprints of the organic world being valuable evidence of extinct species and the theory of evolution providing us the missing links. 

Impermanence is an undeniable truth of our existence. What is real is the existing moment, the present that is a product of the past, or a result of the previous causes and actions. The core of existence in traditional past was based on a symbiotic relationship or a spiritual dialogue with nature and not on monologues we are currently creating. 

Through the generations we feel the loss. 

The way ahead is to respect the vulnerability of our environment. A conscious effort to recognize and value every element in nature realizing all that is around us now might go extinct the very next moment. Learn from each other, motivate our future generations, follow examples of alternative livelihoods and reemploy them in our modern lives to create relevant platforms that can globally impact actions and experiences.

Activation of the self, taking ownership of one’s action is what ‘Villupt’ instigates and inspires. A plea to treasure and preserve whatever lies within our reach in a world that’s hastily getting depleted.  

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